Why is handmade better than machine-made?

Quality. Comfort. Sustainability. What could be a more iconic combination for a luxury shoe? Our 1001s naturally advocate for these qualities, but where does the ‘natural’ come from? Surely, a largely handmade manufacturing process.

Given the multiple layers of a manufacturing cycle, there is great opportunity for a pair of shoes to rest and breathe between individual stages to achieve a superior fit, quality, and appearance. Handmade shoemakers take advantage of these such breaks to maximize the above. On the contrast, machine made shoes are infused with stiffeners, which do indeed expedite the process; but at the compromise of quality. 

We love handcrafted manufacturing for its flexibility and ability to produce products that are bespoke; that fit each customer like a glove. Considering the intensive time and effort that is devoted to each and every one of them, a handmade shoe is meticulously and intricately crafted to achieve the optimal design, size, and structure for the end user. Shoes of this type fit into one’s feet seamlessly, thereby ensuring the comfort of the wearer and durability of the shoe, as no strain will be experienced by the shoe in certain areas as is the case with machine made shoes.

Clearly, mass production is not as simplistic as it seems. Consuming loads of energy throughout the journey, it isn’t the most eco-friendly. On the other hand(made), the work of artisan shoemakers is much greener and more favourable for the environment, which is increasingly prevalent in modern day and age. One of the core reasons why 1001 Stories esteems handmade manufacturing is that it continues the tradition of skilled work and supports local communities; a social impact that is proudly rooted in our DNA. Characterised by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the handmade process largely contributes to the 2030 Agenda, from uplifting marginalized communities out of poverty, to promoting education and skilled labour, to equalizing the playing field for all. 

Our artisan shoemakers pay attention to the littlest of details and such practice is reflected in every aspect of the final product. The artisans pick out the softest leathers for our ballerinas, carefully cut out the shoe pattern to minimize cut offs, and stitch the leather pieces together in a way that prevents the seams from rubbing off on your foot. 

Care and precision are at the heart and soul of handmade manufacturing, so that the shoes are not only home to unparalleled quality, but also to an experience. Storytelling from the maker to the wearer. And memorability for all.

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