1001 heroes

At 1001 Stories the protection and enrichment of our communities is the reason why we are in business. Improving lives as well as creating positive and lasting change for those who are often excluded from the global economy is our motivation. We carefully hand pick partners who share the same values of providing fair wages and creating a happy working environment.

Our true heroes are the artisans we collaborate with on limited edition collections. All products are hand-made using techniques that have been passed on from one generation to another. By purchasing a pair of these shoes you help our communities preserve a piece of cultural heritage that lives through their craft.

Our first Hero Collection is developed in collaboration with SEP artisans which are part of the UN High Commission for Refugees livelihood program - MADE51. These female artists live and work in refugee camps in Jordan. Together we have designed a unique collection using a delicate technique of hand embroidery. Each of our bows is an original piece with a distinctive personality, emotion and style.

hand embroidery

With every step you take, you are making a difference. Join us on our journey. #1001heroes