1001 Stories is a London based, women led, luxury footwear brand. We create beautiful statement shoes while supporting marginalized artisan communities out of poverty and into business. Our goal is to reverse poverty by giving meaningful work to those in need.

All our shoes are handmade in artisan factories in Italy. In addition to our core collection, we have launched a so called, Hero collection, which is the result of collaboration between our Italian shoe makers and the marginalized communities we partner with. At 1001 Stories we are all about slow and ethical fashion. We are committed to doing things right and not cutting any corners. We aspire to set a new standard in the luxury industry as we firmly believe that profit and purpose can and should co-exist.

If you would like to support our mission and help spread the word about what we do on your blog, Instagram or any other social media channel, please reach out to us on Send us an email with the subject “1001 Heroes – affiliate program” to receive more information on how we can create some magic.

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1001 Stories